Fullpage.js ScrollOveflow Issue & Auto-Height Issue

Hi @Alvaro_Trigo,

Thanks for your time on this. I’m having issue with two things and have recorded a quick loom to demonstrate it. Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

  1. I have a section that is 50VH and I have set fp-auto-height as a class, right now it does a weird snap to the top of the viewport. I want it to glide to the top, but it’s gliding to the middle, then snapping rapidly to the top.

  2. Scroll Overflow (scrolling down through a section larger than viewport) doesn’t seem to be working. Firstly, is the scrollOverlfow library still in existence, or is it integrated in a different library? This page references the vendor library but I can’t seem to find it.(Scroll inside sections and slides - Scrolloverflow - fullPage.js). I have set the scrollOverflow:true.
    What am I doing wrong?

I have managed to get the animations working in tandem with Fullpage.js (I think!).

It’d be easier if you can share the URL you are having problems with.
The published URL (not the editor)

So, answering your points:

  1. Need a URL to check if this is a fullPage.js issue. Also, make sure you are loading the fulllpage CSS file too.

  2. scrollOverflow.js file is not needed anymore. You can read more about it on the migration guide from v3 to v4.

And again, if you are having these problems only with the latest version of fullPage.js, feel free to go back to version 3 to speed up things while we figure out what’s going on here :wink:

Hi @Alvaro_Trigo,

Here is the page - Operators

Obviously, it’s a work in progress (only desktop has been started, animations haven’t been completed)

It seems the second section doesn’t seem to fire the animations. I noticed this on other tests in webflow too. So, to demonstrate. Load the page, scroll once down to the second section. Nothing. Scroll down one more time to the third section (and then the animation triggers) and if your scroll back up quickly you can see the animation still playing in the second section.

Let me know how you go with the auto height and the scrolloverflow section.

Version 3:
Animations: Scroll into view works as expected
Auto-height block: Works when a section 50vh is set
Larger than 100vh block: When a section is set to ‘auto’ (since it’s bigger than 100vh), scrolloverflow doesn’t work - breaks page.

Version 4:
Animations: Scroll into view works randomly, not on 2nd section
Auto-height block: Doesn’t work
Larger than 100vh block: When a section is set to ‘auto’ (since it’s bigger than 100vh), it allows the content to be long, but can’t scroll through it, it just scrolls to the next section.

To be honest, I’m giving up. I’ve read through your documentation thoroughly and have tried many things and I’m at a loss. I cannot get your product to work as advertised.