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Full Page sections

I am trying to get full page sections, now, on every device I get different responses, even though in the designer I put a 100% width and length.

Looked through the forum and found mostly this post from 2013 Filling the page that talks about adding custom code to achieve the result.

But my question is, are we able to do this within the webflow application in 2015 without adding custom code?

My shared link is this:

As long as your body is set to height:100%, your sections to height:100% and your custom navbar, if any, set with a nav html tag, and the content of the sections not pushing the boundaries away, the sections represent a full screen on every device.

On your Can you please share your project’s public link so it’s easier to understand your issue?

Learn how to do it here: link, your body is height auto and none of the sections are 100% height.

Not having the body at 100% for 100% sections is Webflow #1 mistake, you own a round of beer to all forum users ;-p (yes I made up this rule)

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