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Div Section 100% Height of Browser Window?

Looking to make a section be 100% of the height of the browser window, like in this webpage:

Is this a possibility within Webflow?

This is what you are after

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Awesome, thanks.

Would I have to export the site to add in this code? I can’t seem to find anywhere to enter custom code. Am I missing something?

its in the webflow dashboard, but as you can see by the link I’m having trouble getting it to work too.

We can make any section height 100% easily.

  • We should select the BODY and just give a classname to the BODY and give height 100% then see the quick result.


Use 100VH for the height of the page and flexbox to center elements therein.

NB: A good practice is to set 100VH to the minimum height instead so that elements in the page do not ‘overflow’ in landscape mode on smaller screens or should the browser window be shrunk vertically.

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