Fs Cookie Consent Click Tracking

Hello folks

I have an incredibly useful addition for anyone who relies on cookie banner opt-in and likes to have the whole thing set up nice and clean in Google Tag Manager.

In our agency we want to offer the best user experience on websites. That’s why we can’t do without measuring and comparing every click. We’ve been doing this for a year now with an enormous added value. Our data privacy law in Switzerland has changed since this year and we also had to use the Cookie Consent Opt-in solution. As always, the solution is simple and straightforward. Many thanks for that!

Back to my problem. Therefore, I have now spent two weeks working intensively on how we can arrange this with Finsweet’s Cookie Consent. I was finally successful today and would now like to share my solution with you.

My solution is related to the Fs-CC cookie, which stores the consent of the categories in a Boolean principle. Now I only had to access it via GTM. This can be done via a Javascript variable. There you can target the category accordingly, as I did in my example: FsCC.store.consents.analytics.

After that, it is only a stone’s throw to the goal. You set a condition in the trigger that the value of the Javascript variable is equal to “true”.

I hope I was able to help you further! Let’s keep building and make the world more beautiful and easier!