Cookies and GTM

Hi everybody.

I have (what I assume to be) problem with the @Finsweet cookie consent form in relation to GTM.

I have integrated it all perfectly and I am using Google Tag Manager no Google Analytics, No FB Pixel, literally no other cookies. I have added Trigger groups to my Tags so they are only fired if the user has accepted Analytical cookies. That is working on the back end of GTM as I can see in the debug.

However, when the website first loads up it has a stored cookie of _ga and _GA_XXXXXXXX

My question is: Are these two saved cookies tracking the user and does this mean that I am in breach of GDPR or are these cookies for the GTM, they are not tracking, and only when a trigger is set will a user be tracked?

Thanks in advance!

Hey J W you’ll get much better feedback on FS lib configs in Finsweet’s forums.
But I can say that it does require a very specific setup in order to properly block cookies.

Even then I cannot say how it interacts specifically with GTM’S setup.

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