Front End Users and Rich Text

I’m trying to build a community news and information webflow site that allows moderated users the ability to post their own content. I’ve got the site working, but I’m not able to provide a method that allows users to contribute rich-content with integrated images. (With airtable integration, users CAN post rich text content with headers, bold, italics, etc… but no images)

Is there a way that this can be accomplished without allowing users access to the back end of webflow? I want to be able to moderate content. I just can’t seem to find a solution to my need.

I’m not sure if this fully meets your needs, but maybe this helps?

You can add a WYSIWYG rich text editor client-side, but the image upload is the tricky bit. In university learning systems I’ve built, we’ve used Syncfusion elements and Amazon S3 for the file system storage- however it required a middle tier to handle the file sumissions, tracking, API for the Syncfusion rich text element, etc.

It was a substantial bit of work.

If you’re looking for a simpler way to get the text and images to you for review, you may want to consider using a separate system for delivery like Google Docs.

  • Have the author prepare the content + images in a Google Doc
  • Make the document “viewable by anyone with the link”
  • Fill in your form, and submit that link
  • Your then review, edit, and format content manually to the CMS- mostly through copy and paste.

If you want to automate that further, you can have automations create the CMS item and import the content ( image included ) quite successfully as Google Docs can generate relatively clean HTML exports, and Webflow parses in-content image URLs for the image import.

Interesting. I’m using airtable as the middle man right now, and yes, I understand the complication of adding images to a post (when it comes to transmitting and storing those images). Google Docs is an interesting solution (thank you), but I fear it will add complexity to the writer’s end. I’ll think on this some more.