Rich text editor improvements

When I am embedding tables inside rich text editor. I dont like the fact that I have to embed this code into another embed widget. Why cant we just build tables and have them displayed in draft mode. I dont like that I have to publish my page before I can see how tables are styled and looking to the outside world. Also why cant you add buttons inside a RTE?

Not sure what approach to embedded tables you’re using, but there are quite a few.
There’s Finsweet’s table app extension to the designer.
There are HTML and richtext table embeds.

My preference is usually externally sourced embeds, I use Google Docs a lot for this since it’s very easy to edit and has features like cell merge, etc.

Basically, look around, dig through the forum, you’ll find solutions.

The general problem with tables is that there are a million variants… do you need column sorting and filtering? Live dynamic data? Images? How should it collapse responsively? Even if Webflow invested in that feature it would likely meet the needs of 10% of users on a good day.

That and the table editor and CSS editor adds a ton of weight onto the designer that probably isn’t worth the value it provides.

However, go through the webflow wishlist and upvote all of the table feature requests you like, there are tons, and that’s how you raise feature requests to Webflow’s team.

In Webflow a button is just a styled link. You can drop an RTE, add a link, give it a class, style it however you like. Other options - Embed, or Finsweet powerful rich text, let you put the HTML you want in directly.

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