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👋 from Webflow Performance

Hey there! I wanted to take a moment to say hey and share how excited I am to help shape and lead our new performance team at Webflow.

I want you to know that all of us at Webflow are painfully aware of the growing performance and stability issues that you have been facing. If you’ve seen Vlad’s replies on other posts, you’re aware that we’ve been starting up a couple new permanent engineering teams. Our new stabilization team has been underway for about a month and the performance team is currently ramping up.

It is our explicit goal to ensure the Webflow Designer deserves your trust and attention. If you’ve followed our development for a while you may know that we recently rewrote a critical portion of our codebase with the intent to aid our team in building new features and to increase the stability of the Designer. This allowed us to close out a number of old issues, but further development has unfortunately introduced new issues.

We’re focused first on understanding and addressing your reported performance issues. Please continue to let us know on the forums of any troubles and pain points you have with as much detail and information as you can. Sharing a read only view of the site, Read-Only, screenshots and video/gif captures, and any additional notes or quirks that you think may be relevant are great starting points. Over-sharing is definitely preferable over under-sharing as the more information we have, the quicker we are able to understand and prioritize changes.

Webflow ships early and often, so expect to see improvements soon.

– Dustan


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