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RESOLVED: Having a ton of performance issues with Webflow

Hey, over the last couple days I’ve been working on a project and experiencing a lot of performance issues. My internet speed is stable (7 down, 86 up) and I’ve cleared my cache.

Here’s a couple screencasts of the issues:

One of the screen casts is labeled ‘weird bug’ which is the sort of thing that’s been really frustrating to work along with.

As another example, I was trying to make a few images change width and height, not just width. So, I set a width: 100% on the image with a height of auto and nested it within a div that had different proportions. I know this is how to achieve what I wanted to do, which is why I was getting frustrated when it wasn’t working after changing the settings.

I double checked everything and after about 5 minutes of turning things on and off and going back and forth through preview mode, it worked. Then, I tried to do the same thing for another image (I know, should’ve had the same class, etc…) and the same thing happened. I used the exact same settings and I just couldn’t get settings to actually be reflected in my project.

Am I the only one dealing with these issues?

Hi @ShaneR

Thanks so much for posting.

Regarding the two issues shown in your videos — our team is currently investigating both of these.

The issue of moving elements inside of a symbol should be fixed shortly. The issue with the navbar may take a bit longer to investigate and resolve.

In the meantime, as a workaround you could build your own custom navbar and use interactions to accomplish the same thing.

One of our team members built a version of what that might look like here:

Feel free to clone it and use what you can!

Regarding performance, it is possible for the Webflow Designer UI to experience slowdowns — mainly on large sites or sites with many styles, pages, and / or complex data bindings.

The team is actively working on platform updates to monitor and improve the performance levels across the board. I can totally understand the frustration when experiencing slow speeds and we’re always working to improve this.

Some things that can be done now that will help:

  1. Delete any unused classes used on the site from the Style manager
  2. Delete any unused images from the asset manager
  3. Delete any unused page elements from pages
  4. Delete any unused Pages
  5. Delete unused Symbols
  6. Delete unused Collections

Also, the size and number of images plays a big roll in site performance. So if you can, try to compress your images prior to upload so that the source images used in the designer do not have large file sizes.

I’m not sure I follow the fourth issue you mentioned about the image though. If you need to edit the size of an inline image element, I recommend using px based sizes rather than %. Alternatively, you can use a div block with a background image and have complete control over the size.

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Hey Brando, thanks for the response! I spoke with support about the issues and forgot to reply back on this thread. Turns out when I switched to working in incognito mode I haven’t had anything that feels like a performance issue. I’m going to default to working in incognito mode from here on out.


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