How can you working with webflow?

Webflow very slow in recent days.the Recent days means last few months. I am a Windows operating system user. I also tried it in the Opera browser. It’s still too slow. Am I doing something wrong?

How do you use it?

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Works fine for me. Can you define “slow”? What exactly is slow?

What are your computer specs?

I’m using Webflow daily and I’m not experiencing that. I run the latest software on an iMac from 2012. Is it slow even you don’t have anything else running on your system?

HI @serhad

Thanks for posting.

Regarding performance, it is possible for the Webflow Designer UI to experience slowdowns — mainly on large sites or sites with many styles, pages, and / or complex data bindings.

The team is actively working now on some platform updates to monitor and improve the performance levels across the board.
In the last few months, we’ve:

  • Created a dedicated Stabilization team (currently 3 engineers full-time) to address bugs and stability issues
  • Created a dedicated Performance team (currently 3 engineers full-time). This team’s mission is to turn Webflow into a higher-performing design and development tool. The work of this team will lead to much better performance, especially on large projects.

Some things that can be done now that may help:

  1. Delete any unused classes used on the site from the Style manager
  2. Delete any unused images from the asset manager
  3. Delete any unused page elements from pages
  4. Delete any unused Pages
  5. Delete unused Symbols
  6. Delete unused Collections

Also, the size and number of images plays a big roll in site performance. So if you can, try to compress your images prior to upload so that the source images used in the designer do not have large file sizes.

Here is a good article you can reference around boosting performance:

Hope this helps and feel free to reach out to our Support team if you have other specific questions. :bowing_man:

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