Freelancer | Which plan is for me?

I’m a freelance web designer and developer and a client of mine would like me to build a blog page for their website that will be hosted on their sub-domain. I just need the ability to build out the pages (landing page, browse page, page for each blog post). Once designed and launched, the client needs access to Webflow to write 2-3 blog posts per week and post them to the site.

Once the site is launched, I won’t need to do much if anymore work to the site. Which plan do I need? My client doens’t need anything crazy as the company is small and isn’t expecting too many hits on the blog page initially and they will only have one user posting the new blog posts.

Hi Matt up to you. Personally I think I’d handle your situation like this-

  • Setup a Freelancer account, which you pay for yourself
  • Create your site, and build it out, client can see it through the staging link
  • Have the client create a free Workspace under their own email
  • Have them invite you to the Workspace

When the site is ready,

  • Make a clone of it, to keep a backup copy in your workspace
  • Transfer the site to the client’s workspace,
  • Setup the CMS plan and custom domain, using the client’s CC if you want to stay out of the billing loop
  • Publish it live

Now the client has their own site, with full access to the designer if they need.
You can also invite them to the Editor using a collaborator invite, which is safer in that they cannot damage the design.

You have a copy in your account as a backup if the worst ever happens.

At this point, you can cancel your Freelancer account if you don’t want to build anything else, but you’ll lose access to their workspace. After that if they need changes, you’d need to login to their workspace using their account.

Super super helpful! Thank you for this explanation