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Freelancer needed: Simple website with an up-voting mechanism

hi all,

I need a website with an up-voting system, just like Webflow’s wishlist.

I already prepared a prototype design:

I am not sure if membership function and voting system can be added with custom code? If yes, I prefer to complete the project within Webflow, if not, the project can be taken done outside of WF.

Let me know for interests, ideas, suggestions.

hi @malik,

It might be a challenging development trying to do this with custom code, so if you manage to do this, well done !

But just so you know, the Webflow team uses out of the box tools :

In any case, good luck with your project my friend !


Thank you very much @Pasint

I was wondering if this would be possible within WF, but your explanation makes it more clear to me that it may not be the best idea, appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:

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Hi Malik,
Pm sent please check.

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I know @rileyrichter has done this beautifully in Webflow! Maybe he’s got an opening in his freelance schedule? :grin:


Thanks, @mattvaru

Yes, you can build an upvote system with Webflow. You can’t tie it to a user, but you can use cookies to hide that item for years from your users once they’ve voted! :smiley:

@Pasint is correct. Those are the tools we use here!

Happy to help any way I can, just shoot me a DM!

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With what code do you use to get there cookies and assure they will vote just once?