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Upvote function in a webflow site

Hi Webflow Community,

This topic previously discussed in the forum, however, seems no solutions appear so far.

I want to add upvote function to my brand new Webflow site? Is there anyone who know to do that?

Thanks in advance

Have a nice day

So by “upvote function” what do you mean exactly? Like a simple pre-populated list of text list items you choose and then random people can just click upvote or downvote?

CC’ing @rileyrichter - he may be a good resource to ask!

Thanks, @mattvaru! Yes, @serhad - this can be done in Webflow! I’ve built this functionality out a few times. What’s your use case? How can I help?


Hey, @rileyrichter. I’m really curious to see any working implementations that you have with a like button or upvote counter…!


Would be amazing to see this!

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Hi, @baileysimrell and @austin - I’ll try and post the whole process on how to accomplish this soon. I have two working models up and running. But, one is for a non-profit and I don’t want to add any unnecessary votes to their site and the other is a sample site but with a Zapier account supporting a few processes and I don’t want to run out of Zaps. I’ll ping you here as soon as I have it together! :smiley:


Awesome! Curious to see how you pull it off!

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Hi @rileyrichter, also interested in your examples/tutorials if possible. Just sent you a message - thanks for sharing!

Hi! @rileyrichter I would love to see your examples or link explaining the process. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

@piyush_bansal @hiram, the legendary @rileyrichter just published this last week:


Right on, appreciate you looking out and passing that along :fist:

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