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Free Website Accessibility JS working with Webflow

Hi, guys! Accessibility in websites in Israel is a law, and every site supposed to have that option. I was really worried how should I implement this thing to my local clients. Recently I’ve found this great JS plugin. And it works great with Webflow. Check out this example (In Hebrew):

So, it’s named “NagishLi”, which in Hebrew means “Accessible for Me”. Pretty cool! :slight_smile:
It developed by Israeli group “Localize”, and it’s free to use, as soon as you don’t change it. (Please read the license:
It works in English and in Hebrew, obviously. Check it out:
Good luck!


thank you I was just looking for something like this for my next project. Does it handle all of the webflow features?

You can see the list of features here:

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Hi @Ilan_Golan, thank you for bringing to our notice this great plugin. I do have some questions, that maybe you can answer:

  1. Is the plugin working on Safari already?
  2. Is it possible to change the CSS?
  3. Most important - does it cover the aa standard guides?

Thank you,

Hi, Naama!

  1. I got it working on final Safari version on my Mac
  2. All the changes you can do check here
  3. According to what’s written on their website, it covers AA standard:

Q: What is the accessibility conformance level of the plugin?
A: The conformance level of the plugin is up to accessibility level AA.

Thank you @Ilan_Golan!