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Follow up on searchIQ that enables google-like features on webflow

hi guys,

Previously I had few posts related to our searchIQ that can help giving webflow users the power of google-like search feature. Sorry that I haven’t actively followed up the questions and issues on webflow so I am trying to address that here.

For ones who is trying to use our service on webflow. You need to follow the steps below:

(1) Create an account on
(2) Choose non-wordpress solution
(3) Install our Javascript under the html header. Put in on the page your search bar presented. Sorry that I am not webflow user, I am not sure if webflow has a search bar on the theme or how to add custom javascript to the html header. But I assume you do.
(4) After that, you can go to our searchIQ admin console to specify the id element of your search bar. So, our javascript can detect and show you the autocomplete screen.
(5) If you want us to show the result page when user hit enter of the search bar, you need to paste our div tag to any page and specify the page url in our admin area.
(6) You can have searchIQ to index your site thru our admin. You can give us your sitemap url there as well. Otherwise, we will crawl your site as any spider does.

If you have problem using it, you can give us a message and detail your problem and your domain. We will go take a look and fix it for you.



Hey @rayhon

Looks interesting and promising. I’m trying it now. how long does the crawling/indexing take usually?

Hi Anna how are you? do you have a step by step small tutorial of how you did integrate it work on any of your project? I am going crazy to find a solution for my first website but yet no positive result.Please let me know if have been lucky.
Best regards Nicola

Looks really great!
Can anyone make a video or text tutorial how to integrate it in webflow projects?
I’ve tried and failed…

Same here @Kowkin - almost, half-way, but I stalled at how it indexes CMS pages

Any joy with this @Anna_Kelian or further help you can offer @rayhon ?


I had success with installing SearchIQ into Here’s some screenshots of my settings with SearchIQ.

*This is just a quick guide, however, it should be enough to get you pointed in the right direction. Reach out if you need further help

Take the code from the Install Search tab and paste it in like the images below

Paste the 1st code snippet in the Head Code section under the Custom Code tab

Paste the 2nd code snippet in an Embed element where you want the search bar to be
I used a style page to layout the search field and button, then changed the code by calling the classes as shown below. I learned that adding a button inside the search field will take the user to the search page URL chosen within the SearchIQ Search Results tab.

Paste the results page code into an Embed element on a new page. This one is named /search

Set-up is complete, but you need to crawl your site to index the pages
Set the Sitemap file if your webflow plan includes the autogenerated XML Sitemap.
Note: any pages with password protection WILL NOT BE INDEXED!
Blacklist URLs is good for blocking pages like Style Guides or irrelevant content. For example, you only want to show search results for products.

Click Update settings and re-idex 1000 posts
and you’re done :wink:

Here’s the result:

Search Bar auto show results:

Search Page with pagination:

This is a pretty sweet free service from the fine folks at SearchIQ. Gotta mention their support is top notch too.



Very helpful @DigtalCrusader - Thank you!

Not sure if you’re aware, the logo link on your website returns a 404 page

Hey @nwdsha, glad you could use the guide.

Thanks for the heads up. This site was transferred to the client so this is a copy and will contain many link errors.