Enable Google-like Search feature on your website with searchIQ

hi guys, for those who want a powerful search feature for their website. You can sign up to www.searchiq.xyz and install our javascript to your webflow site. It is absolutely free. Our plugin has tested intensively and got very good feedbacks from the wordpress community (https://wordpress.org/plugins/searchiq/). So, you can test out our non-wordpress javascript version on your site. If you have any question, drop me a message and we can help you out.


interesting… :thinking:

how and why is this a free service?

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Good question. I know it is too good to be true but it is in fact free. We released it to the Wordpress community for a while and got very good feedback as you can check. SearchIQ was a winner of company-wide hackathon project and later being sponsored by our parent company to become a search service on Net. We may later open up another paid professional package to sustain our cost. But free package will continue to be free. Our goal is to have a great coverage on the Net. Enjoy!

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Really nice search engine and I hope to see a webflow plugin in the future!

I was testing your demo page and this is what happened!

I can’t return to the search results and sometimes takes me to my default page!

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we will take a look at that. try it on healevate.com and see if u see the similar issue.

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btw… i am new to webflow community… isn’t that you guys have a plugin that u can put any external js on your header and that is what you need to do only.

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We can insert custom code in the header and footer but webflow has an API in the works that will allow us to create plugins like you do in wordpress for what I know.

The search works really great healevate.com but I noticed that if you make another search in the current result page the browser address doesn’t update with the new one!

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right… as we use javascript to render the result page and everything u perform on it will not change url.
we can look at the webflow plugin but i believe u can use header plugin to achieve the capability as of now. :slight_smile:


Implementing it on our company site soon. So far, testing appears to be awesome. Wayyyy better than what we paid for; ahem Google, useless garbage it was.

Hope to see more features added soon.



How much of your solution is customizeable?

Just added this to our site. It was an absolute breeze and most of the settings look just fine right out of the gate, didn’t really have to customize much!


Thanks for such a great solution to this problem. Can’t believe it’s free…


I loved this search system to begin with, but there are two major issues I have with it and might be why it is free.

  1. It is purely written in Javascript. This means that anyone with a disability (a blind user) will not be able to see autocomplete results (via their software, duh). On top of that, there is no way to get the search results page to appear since the page MUST be search-page.html and Webflow does not allow periods in the URL. In short, blind individuals have literally no way of using the search bar - this is very unprofessional, embarrassing, and sad

  2. Even after disabling certain things (such as the thumbnail) it remains visible. I’ll have to try again, but I was unable to hide the white and empty thumbnail boxes.

So while it’s great, my client has someone giving me poor feedback on the basis that I cannot accommodate them and cannot possibly understand why it is out of my control. If a real search bar were in the budget, I would be happy to oblige, but for now I can’t do anything about it which is stressful as it is not something I would like for any site of mine.

The best cheap alternative I can find is Google’s $100/yr custom search engine. And sadly the most expensive is Swiftype (don’t get me started on that pricing; although it is the ultimate search system I would absolutely love to have the privilege of working with someday).

If anyone understands where I might be going wrong with my search.xyz for the first big issue I listed, please help.

Hi @rayhon

I love the search function! If you have time I would love some help with two things.

  • Removing images from autocomplete

  • Styling the search bar. I tried just entering height: 45px; in the custom code area, but nothing happend. How would you go about doing some changes. We dont have a search field in webflow, so I think we have to do the changes in setup.

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