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Integrating Multilingualizer in Webflow

Hi all!

In the search for a solution to multilingual webs build and hosted on Webflow, i’ve recently found Multilingualizer.

It appears to be a better (and, mainly, most affordable) solution than Localize.js or Bablic, since i’m not needing remote or translation, Multilingualizer seems better for SEO and it’s a one-time payment.

Anyone has experience on implementing Multilingualizer on Webflow sites? I would be glad to hear them.

Regards in advance :smiley:

Hi, @jmlusiardo

I was one of the “betta testers” on that plugin :slight_smile:

Worked pretty well, but had some difficulties to connect the plugin. The owner promised to make updates, so I guess now it should be easier

Could you share the difficulties you have to deal with while connecting it?

So others like me can do the process more easy and fast.

Thanks in advance!

Will be glad to share my experience. Since the owner of the plugin updated the js file it seems works pretty good now.
Planning to write the Tutorial here on the forum when will get a bit free time.

Basically, follow his instructions and add the code snippet, provided by “Multilingualizer”, to the header part of custom code in the site settings.

The little issue (which not really a problem) - you will be not able to use “…” (three dots) sign in the text of your site, because the plugin recognize it as a start/end of translated content.


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Amazing sabanna! Thanks for clarifying this issue so good!

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