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Free Prototype Created for Client

I am customizing this prototype/mock-up for a client proposal.

Based on the WeCare template (Which turns out to have an excellent pre-configured CMS base by the way)

Previous Website:

Thoughts & Ideas?

It looks much better than the current site. I like it although one thing out of personal preference is that in the Hero it looks little to busy with all the images, colors, and text everywhere. I would prefer to have it much simpler. But thats just personal preference. :grinning: Great job!

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Thanks for the feedback. It’s really nice to hear some helpful advice & ideas. You know, I always have an issue with making Hero pages over complicated.
Simplify & Repeat right? I am going to clean up the Hero page and maybe just leave the Logo & Become A Member Header.

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Sounds good. :yum::grinning: