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Agency website proposal (CMS, Isotope, CSS Blending modes, Full width)

Hey there!

I just published a new project. It’s a fully dynamic ad agency website proposal. Unfortunately the client haven’t approved and they are gonna make huge changes themselves.
But I though that would be great to share this version with you guys :slight_smile:

I had some nice challenges on it and learnt a lot.
I really appreciate your opinions as well :+1:

Please check it out at:



WOW! What an impressive work!

Very neat, simple and modern. Great for the kind of work you do.

Cheers man!

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Thank you @aaronocampo :slight_smile:

lovin that flexbox work.

Its not working correctly in Safari. Boxes are not wrapping. Firefox and Chrome are good.

PS. Looking awesome :smiley:


@philipboomy Tks :+1: and well spotted!
Still a mystery for me. I noticed it when I finished the first layout but I left to fix the Safari version after the long list of client adjustments. Now I may take a look over it again :wink:

Very smooth. Very cool.

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