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Getting over WF Form limitations

Hi there,

As much as I love using Webflow, for me it has a massive flaw and that’s the forms system = all forms on a project get sent to the same email(s). Multiple forms can’t be assigned to deliver to selected email address. (Was very surprised to discover this when I was new to Webflow and quite amazed by this omission.)

Also there is no auto responder feature, not as big an issue to me, but some clients really want this, so yeah, kind of a fail as well.

I was wondering what methods people are using to get around this? Mailchimp and Zapier are options but are there others?


I like to use emailjs. They have a free tier for like 500 mails a month and support templates. It’s quite easy to set up :slight_smile:

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hi @grantsenior another service to use to get over WF restrictions and limitations related to email can be Their free tier is not as big (50 emails/mon) but there is no restriction on attachments file size, you have limited storage to 100MB instead. Is easy to set and admin panel have nice features.

If this is not big enough your client can pay +$10/mon to get 1000 emails and 1GB file storage.

To get options to add email attachments in WF form your client will need to upgrade WF site subscription that will add monthly cost +$20/mon. You can do the math :wink:

So now you have 2 options (emailJS / getForm) to choose email service depend on your clients needs

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Thank you, I appreciate it!

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Thanks a lot! I’ll check it out.

hi @grantsenior if you do not need further informations feel free to close your issue.

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