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Fox Web School, great sales resource, looking for reviews

Hi guys,
In my travels online I came across this channel, it has some great resources related to the art of selling websites, similar to Flux but mostly focussed on the business of selling not much on the building side of things.

I really like the delivery and would advise anybody to check it out, it has exceptional content regarding how to sell.

However he does sell a coaching program too (thankfully he doesn’t aggressively push this,so that is refreshing) but it is a bit beyond my means. I was wondering if anybody on here has had any exposure to this channel or the coaching program and could offer a review on it?

I find the claims to be a little out there, apparently going from 0-100k in his first year what do you the webflow fam think to this?

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I cant comment on experience as I don’t have any but I did go on his website and click the trust article. The video was well done and helpful, I already knew the info but good for those that don’t.
I would look at the articles and learn what you can, doesn’t cost anything.
If you then trust him and want to go further then consider it.
You could also just go search for more information on what ever topic you want to expand on or look for other courses offered that may be cheaper.

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Hey @Aerodyll thanks for the mention. I am the guy who runs the Fox Web School channel (Rob).

100k in your first year is possible but it would take a lot of hard work and focus. I think most people who put in the work start to see those figures more around the 1.5-2 year mark. Also when I started I focused mostly on one off big projects (to suit my lifestyle at the time) but now I would recommend mixing that in with monthly services too like ads or SEO.

I would also say I am not the world’s best designer (at all!) but have done well from understanding sales and really trying to build the website around solving specific business problems. For example maybe a system that saves them time or better content that helps them boost sales and trust. Most business owners are looking for what the website can do for the business as their main priority. Good design though always helps of course so if you have both then great.

As for my program I try to avoid pushing it since there are a ton of aggressive coaches out there. It is a good program but I am always happy to help for free via YT comments or on here (if you got questions just post them up here).

Thanks and hope the content helped.