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Forms using SMTP for organisation requiring government regulated privacy

Hi Guys,
I have recently completed a website for an organisation which is funded through a regional government in Australia. There has been a pushback on the method that the forms are sent through the native webflow platform which use Mailjet.

The IT person has said that he needs the forms to be routed through an external SMTP server in order to give the level of privacy needed for an organisation such as this. This will also likely be an issue when dealing with medical organisations which are regulated through government.

What are my options here other than using an external form builder? I am not a web developer (hence why I use Webflow) so if you could please break down any responses to a level which can easily be understood (or externally researched) that would be super helpful.

Thanks in anticipation of your response/s!

If you need to control which SMTP server handles relaying then you need to provide and host your own server side script that is configured to use the SMTP server of your choosing. What you do exactly depends on what server side languages are supported on your hosting platform and what script you plan to use. PHP is widely supported and there are excellent mail handler scripts that are open source. So you can DUCK DUCK GO the web for some. Swiftmailer, PHPMailer are ones I typically use. If this is out of your ballpark then why would you not just hire someone to handle this?

Thanks for your assistance Jeff.

So in a nutshell, we need to provide an external server (host) to store a script which will then push the data to an external SMTP server (client’s email server).

Would this be the information to provide to a developer who could write this for us?

Thanks in advance

Should be enough. This is really pretty common with hosting providers and dev ops. You might consider using a form engine that you can install on your own server (hosted in your country) where you can embed forms into Webflow. I have had great luck with Machform by appnitro. in MF (self hosted) you can specify the SMTP server you want to use. I have this installed on multiple servers (I host) and no issues for years, very stable.