GDPR and forms - direct email solution?

Hey everyone,
I have a business in the UK and so we have upcoming the General Data Protection Act to comply with.
Webflow is partially discontinuing forms support (which is reasonable), but the recommendation is to integrate Mailchimp/etc. Since I have VERY basic requirements, it doesn’t make sense to me to use a third-party service for this.

I have another website (not built by me) that has a simple email form ( contact page). I would like to implement this in my Webflow site (, but am fairly clueless about this stuff. I know it uses PHP, but that’s about it.

It would be great if someone made a walk-through tutorial for how to change the code of a Webflow site form to email form data directly.

Is this possible?

All the best,


Any news/further developments on this, please?

I think you might want to take a look into HTML and FORMS in general.

I’m not sure if this is possible to integrate (successful at al). You can use a custom-code block to paste in a custom made form, but i think that sending it will give errors/problems. (sending webforms correctly is quite a bit more complicated than say 5 years ago - you need more custom code and preferably a custom php-mail-script that’s configured the right way)

PS. In webflow you can’t use custom PHP - perhaps only if you embed it via an iframe and a separate webserver.

Your question is good and probably a lot more business websites in the EU and UK should have a custom sending option to just send the form-content to an e-mail-address. Important is that the content is NOT stored within Webflow, but is ONLY send by e-mail (TLS/secured off course). This way personal data can be kept in the UK or EU based companies.

Would you be so kind to notify me if you found a way to send forms from Webflow directly to an e-mail-address? (without using the Webflow current form & storage system)