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Forms to Excel sheet (database)


I have created Form on my client’s website in Webflow. The results of the form go to client’s email.
Now they want to collect the information in Excel, so that the info from the Form goes straight to the Excel sheet.
Is it even possible? They said that such option exists, but I have no clue…

Hope you have the solution!


In Webflow you can download the form data in csv format but you can’t send the data directly to Excel. Maybe its possible through some scripts.

I don’t think this is possible with WebFlow hosting… would require self-hosting.

There’s a couple routes you could follow.

  1. Form sends an email message to client. Client opens / read / copies content of the email to a text file (data). Client formats the text file (ie: places delimiters into data) and saves file. Client imports formatted data file into excel.

  2. More difficult to do… bypass the email message. Instead… submit the form to a php script. PHP script would then save a format text file or (optional… save the data into a db / table).

  3. Harder to do… bypass the email message. Submit to a php script. PHP script would generate an .XLS formatted file. Client simply opens the Excel file - in Excel. No importing.

So pretty much… option 1 is you send the data… Client does a lot of manual work to achieve the end-result.

Option 2 and 3… Client has a much better day - especially if they are doing this task on a regular basis.

Options 2 and 3 are very similar. Biggest difference is - with option 2… you create a data file in an importable format. With option 3… you actually create an excel formatted file.

for examples with option 2:

or google
php save to excel format

Maybe using some online form services like Jotform or Google forms. It was a while a ago but I embedded a google form on webflow with happy result and still control over design. Found this tutorial about google forms.

I tried embedding a google form to Webflow with the instructions from the tutorial with good luck =)
It wasn’t much needed to make it work. For my tiny form I needed the form action link, and a select name and id for the <select> Pretty simple
After submit you will be taken to the google form thank you page, but you can make some simple styling to fit company style. I couldn’t make it work for the user to stay on the page.

Just a suggestion for you =D