Creating a database via app?

Okay so let me give a brief info about what I need to do/know.

We will run a questionnaire on streets including 10 questions. I need a page/app where I can manually enter the information and it will save the informations as excel or whatever to a database which I can export.

Is it possible to do something like this via a app with webflow ?

Currently no.

After the new CMS option is release… possibly. Not sure.

For now… you must export the site and use php / asp / cf to build it out further.

Exporting also requires that you self-host.

I really hope wrbflow bring this feature, this would blowb the lid off the condition, imagine been able to build web applications in web flow

Hi @efe5072 !

You can do this using Webflow’s Zapier Integration Feature, where you create a form, and connect that to Zapier to store the data in Google Spreadsheets.

This is one solution you can use, if you goal is to save form submissions to a source you can export.

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