Forms: "submit new answer" button and making the text area higher automatically while I type

Hi clever people :slight_smile:

I really hope you can help mу as I feel lost with the topic.

I have a form at the website, and I need to achieve 2 things:

  1. After submitting the form I need to have a button “submit new answer” (like at the picture). The problem is I dont understand how to make this button work.

The worst case, I saw its possible to show the successfull message with the form, but I didnt manage to make it work (maybe I put wrong code in wrong place, I don-t know).

  1. Is it possible to make text area grow when I type more text? By default I would like to have all field be the same height and then the text area go larger when second/third/etc lines are typed.


I really need help, thanks all that will answer me :pray:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - MedSum

Looks like I resolve the first issue! I used the code from here Button that refreshes the page, so when the button “send a new answer” is clicked, the page is uploaded.