Forms not working in Webflow

Hi there Webflow forum. I have tried to get these forms working with Mailchimp integration and for some reason they are just not working. Could anyone spare a few minutes to see why I am being such a donut and not getting it right?

The read only is here: Webflow - Rocketeer

Many thanks and any help would be super appreciated. Best for now. James

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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This might help.

Hi Michael - many thanks. I just wondered do you have the code you used to copy or at least work from? I cant believe that in nearly 5 years there is no workaround… apart from this. Please let me know as otherwise think i might struggle with this… best for now. JM

Yes, Mailchimp is very limited in how it supports form integrations.
You basically have to decode their approach and then recreate it.

I did a search for Finsweet hack 19, and found this page;