Form data not working

Hi all, if I could get a little help here. I need to have this live and working asap.

I have created a site that has a combination of Webflow forms and a form embed from Cognito forms. When I submit the webflow forms, the email that I receive for the form submission doesn’t have the form content.

Could the code that I have embedded for Cognito Form be interfering with the WF form and stripping out the WF form content?

Read Only Link below.

Webflow forms located on Contact and Request Training Pages

Cognito Form embeds are within the CMS for event pages

Thank you in advance.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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It’s possible, but very unlikely.
Try commenting out your code to check.

If you are still getting empty notifications, I’d guess it’s the notification setup itself. Check what you have configured under form notifications especially for the body of the notification, if you’ve set it you may have forgotten the data macro.

Hi Michael… Thanks for this… I stripped out the embed code of Cognito forms and the form notification is still blank. I get the notification email but none of the form data is in the body of the email… I have never had this problem in the past… did WF update something about forms?

Thanks for your help Michael… I actually just fixed it… It was in the form settings itself… Thanks again man… Have a good day.