Webflow Form + Mailerlite + Make.com

Can anyone help? I’m beating my head against a wall.

I have forms in Webflow > sending the input to MailerLite.

To make this integration work I am using hooks at Make.com

All the forms on my site are working (input a form, and the submission ends up in MailerLite. Yay!)

EXCEPT ONE!! For some reason the newsletter form on this page just does not submit / end up in MailerLite: Newsletter

Can anyone crack this case for me??

Many thanks!

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@rustybadge please post a screenshot of a “run once” in Make (and expand the output) with the Webflow form that is not working.

That’ll help to understand your issue.

Hey Russell, when you duplicate forms in Webflow, the designer renames fields. In your case, your homepage form has the email field named Email, but on Newsletters it’s named Email 3.

If you’re using the same automation, that’s likely to fail Make’s input mapping.

Change this to Email and republish, and you should be fine.


Michael Wells. You Sir, are a legend. 1000 thanks. :grinning:

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