Text alignment in collection items

Is there really no text alignment option (left, right, center) when editing RTF collection fields (re: blog post content)? I’m having to insert custom code blocks to center a title but I’m hoping I’m just missing something.

And before it’s suggested, adding a custom class won’t solve the problem unless there is a way to assign classes to blocks of text in the editor, which is something else I don’t see a way to do. I don’t want all text centered or certain heading levels to always be centered. I have a client who sometimes wants to add a centered title (or other element).

Custom code is how it’s done currently since advanced editing of RTE content is limited to basics.

Jeff, thanks for the quick response. I love the platform but it really blows my mind that there are advanced animation tools but 20 year old really basic stuff like tables and alignment options are missing. It’s the simple stuff that keeps causing me pain with clients.

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I get that. I can’t ditch other solutions very often.

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