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Form Tab called 'Error'


In Form Settings, the ‘Error’ tab under ‘Show State’… would it be best to omit my Redirect URL from here?
Or does it know not to auto-redirect if end-user receives the ‘Something went wrong while submitting the form’ message?

Please let me know about that, thanks!

Hey @Tine22 great question! The redirect URL will only fire once the form has been submitted, it will not fire if a form has not been submitted. :smiley:

OK, so one more question about this. If end-user receives a ‘success’ message with a thank you… really, they need not be redirected to a separate thank you page…is that correct?

Would it just be best to re-direct to home? Or for the sake of analytics/tracking - a thank you page? Just don’t want a redundant experience for user. Hmm.

What would you advise? Thank you.

Depending on if you’re trying to track success metrics, you could re-direct them to a thank you page. Though the re-direct is not required as there is already a Thank you Message upon form submission. It’s up to you honestly if you’d like to redirect the user to a different page upon form submission :smiley:

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