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Need help styling form fields

OK, good to know.

My fields span the container, which makes my form seem long. Many of the fields I can shorten to a % to get 2 on a line.
However, I began doing this and now my field labels are all vertically stacked on one side of the screen - not neatly lying above each field like they were. How can I adjust that? Anyway field label can ‘know’ to stay linked to its corresponding field?

See this example. How can I fix this?

Hey @Tine22 try using the float: left & clear left styles for the form labels and input fields. Otherwise can you please post your Read-Only link? It’d difficult to say without looking at your site.

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That made them all stack as the original default. To shorten the overall length of the form, I’d like the fields side by side, but with their labels just above each field. So, my thought was to apply only 45% width to the fields, globally, so that there would be a slight gap (gutter) between the two columns. Or, in this case, is it best to be controlled via columns - are those OK to incorporate into a Webflow form?

Thank you!

Hey @Tine22 yes you can definitely add columns into a form :smiley:

If you have each form field set to 45% width, float left, then be sure to add 5% margin left for each one to space them out accordingly :smiley:

It’s difficult to advise you though without a Read-Only to your site.

so trying to use columns. all of form is spilled into column 1. when I select a label or a field and try to cut and then paste into column 2… that is not an option. it won’t let me. How can I get some of these fields to spill into the second column?

Hey @Tine22 can you please share your Read-Only link to your site?

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