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How to make a form stay after hitting submit button

How do you make the form stay on page when hitting the submit button, because in webflow built-in forms when you hit submit the forms disappear and a message that the data was received are only shown, I like to show on top or bottom like what error message appear .

Hi @lestergonzales, at the moment, this is not configurable from the designer UI.

You can set a redirect page though, you can select some page on your site, that you would like to redirect to or redirect to the same page.

Just look at the form settings, and in the redirect tab, put in the url you want to redirect to. Lets say that the page you want to redirect to is the home page, you can put in “/” as the redirect url.

I would try that and see if it helps. We will be adding more options for forms in the future.


Ok, thanks for your help, we do have a lot of forms in our project, this will help Im looking forward for the form features.

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