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Contact Form submission redirecting to a +404 page

Afternoon. Once I hit the submit button on my contact form, instead of getting a success or error message it goes straight to my 404 page. The message goes through. I see it has been sent to me. I just don’t know why it is going to the 404 page after submission.

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Hi there, hope this video helps you for your issue:


@WebDev_Brandon, sir you are a genius. Thank you!

Another question concerning the form. After a successful submission has been placed if I wanted to send the user back to the home page, I would place in the redirect URL: /home?

That is correct!

And you are very welcome

One more question @WebDev_Brandon then I will be out of your hair. Once the form is submitted and the success message is shown, it stays on the contact page. Is there a way, after the success message is shown to redirect to the home page still showing the native success message?

@Urayus Brandini, Im sure there is and that would be custom code. But why not just create a success page that has similar ties to your home page with the same functionality. This way you can track who does what, rather than just going back to the home page all the time.

I figured that custom code was needed. Got you, creating a success page will probably be the best move. Once again sir you have been of great help. Thanks!

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Hi - I am having exactly the same problem, although the cause of the problem doesn’t appear to be the same. Any ideas would be gratefully received. Thx