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Form success submit not going to right page

my form is going to the success page but without the .html and thus when form is submitted it’s going to error page. This is when I take it out of Webflow and put code up on site. I can’t find where to fix that because the email form is a symbol and I can’t find the reference in the javascript to fix it. Help.

forgot to put site: and webflow:

seems to be working for me. This is the page

I end up on this page after filling out the form:

I see in your code that you have it redirecting to , you don’t need .html in the URL

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Yes it worked for me too, i tried 10minutes ago and forgot to answer you :smiley:

yes, I had to handcode the pages to go to .html, and when i didn’t have it, it didn’t go there.

any way to change it in Javascript? Can’t find the reference in the code.