Form Submit Success Redirect after CMS Item Created?

Hi all -

I have a workflow where a user submits a URL to a form, some magic happens, and then a CMS Collection Item is created. Ideally, I’d like to be able to place a loader GIF until the Collection Item is ready and then redirect the user to the Collection Item’s page. Is this possible? It seems like it should be and I just can’t seem to figure out the right search terms to find my answer…

Let me know - thanks!

It’s possible, but will require some custom coding.
The best path here will be to use an automation platform like Make to do the CMS create, because it offers Webhook response support.


  • Your form would submit to an automation Webhook URL to trigger the automation
  • It would immediately then display your loading animation while it waits for a response
  • On response, your script can do whatever redirects you want, depending on success / failure.


  • Trigger webhook receives the form data
  • Do whatever processing you need
  • Create the CMS item
  • Respond success to the webhook, you can include a URL here if you want

Totally doable.

Here’s a screencast walking through the majority of your ask:

You can hide that element and then show it on form submit. The screencast above shows you where you can hack into that form submit.

This screencast shows you an example with an animated loading spinner gif:

Redirecting to the Collection Items page is super simple if you create that item within Make (Integromat). Just add the Webflow module into your scenario from the screencast linked above. Or follow along with the Zapier screencast that walks you through doing just that.

You get back the item id when creating the new item and you can redirect the user to it.

I do this often and it works great.