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How to delay form submission redirect?

I have a simple vote form with a counter that updates based on form submissions. I use Zapier to add the form submission result to a google sheet, and then update the Webflow CMS based on the new cumulative vote count in Google Sheets. This updates the counter on the frontend to the user.

The issue I am having is that upon submitting the form, the user is immediately redirected to the same page before the zaps have time to run and update Google Sheets & the Webflow CMS. Ideally, I’d like to insert a loading icon until the process is done. Next most ideal would be displaying the loading icon for some fixed amount of time (e.g. 5 seconds), by which time the process should be done.

Any ideas?

Turns out this thread has the answer I was looking for: I'm looking to get the success message after a form submission to fade away after a few seconds

Use the success message to display a loading icon, then redirect back to the original page after the delay has taken place.