Form Submit Success Redirect After CMS Items Created

I’ve created a workflow with n8n and Webflow. To simplify the flow, it functions as follows and what I’ve trying to solve is step #3. I’ve seen other posts on this and folks mention using Maker (I can use n8n similarly) but I’ve never seen anyone solve for #3.

Front End

  1. User submits Webflow form
  2. User sent to “waiting page” with loading GIF
  3. User redirects to CMS Collection URL

Back End

  • Details are sent to n8n (and processed)
  • n8n sends completed results to Webflow and CMS Collection created

I think the steps for the back end would need to serve as follows:

  • Webflow communicates CMS Collection URL to n8n
  • n8n communicates to Webflow to redirect to new page?

Bit of a beginner with some knowledge so looking for some help since I’m stuck here.