Form Submission similar to cart checkout

I have a question not sure if anyone has asked. Our company has a client who for during this time of the corna-virus is having to do their fashion show virtually for wholesale investors. They’re looking to create an off-branch wholesale site of their products for the upcoming season to show investors.

The way they’re looking for this form to work, is by having the user go through the site, select what they wish to be contacted about (items for order) by adding them to cart and then when they go to the cart, they submit essentially a spec sheet of the items they’ve selected to be contacted about. The form submission i have linking to Zapier to output a google sheet or excel document however, im trying to figure out how to create a CMS list to where they can add these products to their cart, then when checking out, it’ll submit a form rather than require payment.


need this functionality too. where user can just submit the checkout form without having to input a credit card. because stripe is not available in my country and no one is using paypal in my province.

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