Form submission says error when submitting through links generated by Google Tag manager

Hi I am trying to get my Pages run on Google tag manager and everything was working smoothly till Last Saturday. But now the links are not submitting forms and the error says:

  1. {msg: “reCAPTCHA error. Contact the site owner”, code: 400}


  1. My reCAPTCHA is off in webflow
  2. Even after enabling reCAPTCHA and adding it to a form, the error persisted
  3. If i open the link normally like from webflow or typing the link in the address bar then the forms work
  4. My website is redirected from a Next.js webpage hosted on vercel. However even the direct links with GTM is not submitting the links and throwing error.

Please help me out as I have run out of ways to resolve this issue.

Hi Apury,

Your setup sounds rather non-standard, however if I’m understanding correctly, you’re trying to submit URLs as part of your form content, and you’re using Webflow’s native forms handler.

If that’s correct, that’s likely the problem. Webflow has added a lot of anti-spam features into the form-submission pipeline, and URLs in form content are one of the big red flags that stands out as spam.

I’d recommend using a different form handler like Basin, or encoding your URLs into something plaintext like.

Regarding the reCAPTCHA error, my guess would be that the error message is wrong, it sounds like you are not using that feature at all.