Form error on submission

Getting this message on some form submissions, not all. Seems to be arbitrary.
How can I ensure the form works consistently?

Hi Pedro, not sure on the context of your situation so-

  • If your site is unhosted ( free ), it has a 50 lifetime submit limit. When you cross that, form submits will fail.
  • If you have recaptcha turned on in site settings, but have not put the recaptca control at every form on your site, you submits will fail on the forms missing that recaptcha element.
  • If you’re using any kind of custom webhook setup for your form submits, double-check that.

Webflow’s just made some hefty changes to how form submits are handled internally, to reduce spam. It’s possible your email is being recognized as spam, or that something else is messed up in your site’s internal config, in which case you’ll need to open a ticket with Webflow support.

Were you able to resolve your issue @Pedromvpg?

I am experiencing a similar issue where the form throws an error sporadically. To answer your questions @memetican

  • The site is paid hosting with “unlimited” submission count.
  • I do have Recaptcha turned on in the site settings and each form has the Recaptcha element.
  • No webhooks are used

I’m interested in your comment that Webflow has made some “hefty changes to how form submits are handled internally” - can you elaborate on this? As I feel either these internal changes or Google reCaptcha could be causing this.

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I have been advised by Webflow support that these failed form submissions were blocked by a backend spam filter.

If anyone is experiencing the same issue - and you have checked off all the basics (form submit limits, recaptcha setup etc.) - I would recommend reaching out to Webflow support to check the spam-detection threshold on your site.

We found that enabling reCAPTCHA doesn’t resolve the recent issues.

We found that if any form fields contain >= 150 characters of sequential, alphanumeric data like tracking ids or the origin url, the backend will produce a reCAPTCHA error regardless if reCAPTCHA was used.

This affects storing tracking data like gclid, gbraid, etc. Tracking ids are only getting longer.

Specifically, the Facebook Conversions API suggests strongly to send it the original URL the user viewed, but this API call is from a backend, so you must submit it somewhere in the form.

While we’ve split our data up into several fields, the lack of a feedback loop to the site owner when failed submissions are blocked is extremely concerning, and might warrant removal of Webflow from the form submission life cycle.

This other issue is similar, and should probably still be open for similar comments.