Webflow form error

Hello Guys, Hope you are doing well.
I recently started a new project in webflow, As I am testing a new form on the live site It’s showing me an error every time we put the information. Checked everything from method, source, etc. everything seems good to me, as the same settings were used before on other sites. And the form is in the first home page.

Appreciate your help with the form. I am currently confused about this and don’t know what to do.
Attaching the read-only link for a better understanding of the error.

If you want to try it out feel free to fill the form on: draftnetmedia.com.

Here’s the readonly link to the site: Click here

Thanks for your help

Did you turn on reCaptcha in settings? If yes please keep in mind you have to add reCaptcha to EVERY form on the website.

No that’s turned off already.

That was on but someone removed the recaptcha keys. so it was not turned on.
Now it’s working properly.

Thanks @mkukulka

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Generally there are only 2 reasons I see a failure to submit a valid form-
1- Recaptcha is on, or misconfigured.
2. It’s a starter plan site, and you’ve surpassed the 50 lifetime form submits

If it’s not those it sounds like an internal issue and you’ll need to contact support.

Thanks for your help, It’s solved.