Form Submission Notifications not functionioning?

Hey all,
I’m setting up the contact form to send an email to my clients email. Webflow is recording any form submissions I’ve made, however I cannot get the notification via email. Any help would be massively appreciated.

I’ve already checked spam folders, as well as trying 3 other emails for the submission to go to as a test.

See these 3 images also if it might help…

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @tomsmith6991!

I’ve faced the same problem today. All of my websites have suddenly stopped sending submission notifications to specified emails even though Webflow tracks them in the Form tab.

Any help would be really much appreciated.


I’m having same problem. To be more specific, just today set up a simple form and was checking to make sure it works. Data being collected. BUT no form submission email being sent.

This is happening to me too, but only with some forms. The home page form (most popular) is not sending email notifications, but the contact page form is still sending them. Both forms are sending to the same email address, so I have no idea why one of them stopped working. The forms are the exact same, I duplicated the home page form and put it on the contact page. The only thing I changed was the form name/ID.