Designer vs Published: Mobile Layout Inconsistencies

Hey Webflowers! I’m finishing up the mobile optimization for my wedding media company. This posted originally started with the only issue being the ‘single select field’ within a contact form on my page, but I’ve since identified another inconsistency.

Incident #1: Currently working on my homepage and finding that on my published site the padding for a ‘select field’ within my form loses its padding. Strange because all of the form fields in the form have the same class, and the ‘text’ fields are working perfectly fine. Is this a CSS issue? Bug?

Incident #2: My CMS collection on the published version of my site (photos page) is failing to show overflow as hidden. The CMS items are supposed to be rounded corners, and while that’s what’s shown in the designer, the published site isn’t working as expected. There is no issue on desktop and on mobile only 1 of them is rounded, the others are not.

My CMS collection is utilizing CMS nest from Finsweet Attributes. Maybe @JoeKrug or the Finsweet team would know if this is a bug? The form also uses the CMS select attribute, but the static single select is experiencing the same padding issue.

Thanks, everyone!

Read only: Webflow - Sonder Media House

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Live site:

@Hunter_Reynolds - I suggest you split your post into three topics. Better chance you will get closure on each one. You should also share a published link for each as well.

@webdev , thank you for the suggestion - I can definitely do that!