Form Redirection and File Upload

Hey gurus,

Came across this unique use case that I have never done before.

Building a site for HR recruitment company where the current application submission is happening on a jobs template page. The jobs collection itself has different members who are responsible for particular jobs.

  1. I would like the form submission redirected to that particular member’s email so created it with a Firebase.

  2. The file upload also needs to be sent as an attachment to the above email so using UploadCare.

But turns out that the pricing for UploadCare is too high and want to look for a more affordable solution.

Do you guys have anything in mind?

You might be able to accomplish both with Basin.
Basin supports the file uploads as email attachments, and it also supports a form-driven auto-confirmation.

That means you can direct a copy of the form email to any email address you send in the form.

I suspect you might need the $30/mo plan to have the file uploads combined into the email notification, but that’s 1/3 the price of uploadcare.

You can integrate free file uploads into your form using this resource I made here.

That being said, Webflow forms cannot handle it. You will need the Business plan for that.

To make this work, you will need to handle the forms using something else - at that link, I have a tutorial for how to make it work using and Google Drive