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Form Notification/Submission Custom HTML

Hi everyone!

Brand new to WebFlow and hoping to get some help regarding Form Notifications.

By default, the ‘Email Template’ section under ‘project settings > forms > form notification’ is {{formData}}, which presents data from each form field line by line.

I’ve browsed the forums and can see recommendations for third-party integrations with Zapier for better customisation.

But when I read “HTML formatting is also allowed in the email”, it seems like there’s a way to customise this natively and I’d prefer to avoid another third-party app - any pointers?

I’m not too experienced with HTML myself, so it would require a lot of trial and error. Running these kinds of tests would affect the form submission limit.

Hoping to find a simple template, a tool, or some resources that could help me with this.


No, HTML formatting is allowed in the email you send via Zapier. It needs to get the form submission first.