Form Notification Security


I built a site for a counsellor with a basic hosting plan. They are now inquiring about the security of these notifications. Is this something to worry about? I can’t find much info on form security.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be bullet-proof, I’m just looking to develop an understanding

What is the clients concern exactly?

She wants to handle sensitive data that could potentially come through the form with care. I don’t think she’s super informed on the technical aspects of internet privacy.

I know she uses a basic gmail account. Are WF forms just as secure?

Email sent between different systems is not secure if transported via smtp over port TCP 25. Lookup smtp. I would advise against gathering sensitive data with Webflow forms and notifications.


It’s not necessarily sensitive, a user might put something personal in the comments field. I see a low likelihood of this happening, but she wants to be thorough

Anything that is set unencrypted over the Internet is visible to anyone at the network level.