Coming From Muse, Security Questions

I am coming from using Adobe Muse and I am new to Webflow. I have a real estate lawyer that may want me to to design a website for them and I was wondering about the security of hosting with Webflow? I also wanted to know if there were ways to create secure forms that her clients could fill out right on the site that would protect sensitive information such as Social Security numbers and so forth?


Hey @tljones77

Welcome to Webflow! Here’s some info to help you along.

Hosted domains have the option to use SSL.

A new feature is the ability to add reCAPTCHA to forms.

Form submissions can be handled within Webflow or integrated into other services.

See “Forms & Surveys” section

Further integrations can be achieved by using Zapier to connect to other services.

Lastly here are some articles about GDPR compliance.

Hope this gets you going in the right direction. Happy designing!