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Form not working, can anyone help me please?

My form is not working. Actually I can see all the form entries on the panel, they’re there, so in fact the form is working.

But I don’t receive them on the e-mail. Already tried 3 different emails, from different servers, already checked the SPAM, but the forms simply don’t arrive on the email.

Please see the images below. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance!

i have been experiencing similar issues with one of my webflow sites too.

been in contact with webflow support for some time now, hopefully will get a resolution to my problem soon.

best to email support directly about this issue of yours.

@andy… let’s see if it’s WebFlow or spam or something else.

I just sent you 2 test messages… from 2 different email addresses.

Subject: WebFlow Test Message #1 of 2 and WebFlow Test Message #2 of 2

Tell me if you get them.

If you get one or both.

Hi! I got both your emails.

And actually the form just started working as well.
I tried the form this morning without success again, but just tried it now and it’s working.
What could have happened?
Afraid that this happens again in the future and I don’t see it.

Since you got both test messages… it’s probably not a spam issue.

And since it (notifications) started working again - I’m guessing perhaps it’s WebFlow.

  • but am not 100% sure. Contact them.

What we need to figure out / the more important issue… (if it’s WebFlow)

    1. is the message / notification being delay (ie: you will eventually get it)
    1. or is gone (ie: WebFlow server killed the message and will never deliver it).

If it’s “1”… hopefully the delays will not be long.
If it’s “2”… only way to test this is to constantly send test messages from your site and see if you receive them (boooooo) :frowning:

This would be something for WebFlow to answer.