Form not sending e-mail


I have a form for a client, it does show up in submitted forms, but doesnt sent us a e-mail?

Tried to read other articles, but nothing worked.

@oAgency - Sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue. I recommend you first double check your inbox, where submissions are sent, to make sure there are no processing rules that took action on a notification message inadvertently.

If you are confident that this is not the case then an inspection of the mail servers logs would indicate whether Webflow servers (or partner servers) actually connected and what occurred. If there was no connection then either there was a network connection issue or access control restriction, or Webflow’s service was/is having an issue. If you can’t get access to mail server logs you would need to see if Webflow can confirm attempted delivery and what if any status codes occurred as a result.

It also makes sense to try using a mailbox on a different platform to see if that receives notifications. This can help with fault analysis/isolation.